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About Us

Hi! Im Tamara 🙂 I am the CEO of Liquid Gold CBD. I am also a certified Health and Wellness Coach. 

We started Liquid Gold with one goal in mind, to help as many people as possible!

I am a mom of 3, 2 teenagers and a baby on the way. I know how busy and hectic life can be! I started giving my family CBD a few years ago when CBD really started becoming popular. My son has add, my daughter anxiety and my husband has a back injury. I myself take it for my overall well being, I feel amazing and in complete balance when I take it. My family has never felt better.

We have tried many different CBD products and came to realize it really is hard to find a good CBD product, a lot of the products on the market are a waste of money as they don’t contain the amount of CBD they claim or they are not extracted properly to get the full benefits. So I set out on a mission to find the best quality products I could find for myself and my family. Now I want to share this with everyone else. I would never recommend any products that I wouldn’t give to my own family!

The CBD industry is booming and for good reason, CBD really does help with all the ailments it claims, I know this personally!

But….there needs to be a standard for quality in the market. This is how Liquid Gold CBD got started****

What makes Liquid Gold stand apart? Good question!

First of all, Liquid Gold products are made in Canada with Love. 

Liquid Gold is Full Spectrum, meaning you get the full benefits of all the Cannabinoids.

Liquid Gold products are all organic and the flavours are infused only with organic terpenes from the actual fruit. There are NO harmful ingredients in any of Liquid Gold products.

Liquid Gold sublingual delivery Complete Spectrum CBD tinctures fortified with BioPrime™ nanoparticle delivery technology are up to 100X more BioAvailable than competing products using standard CBD molecules. In addition, Liquid Gold Complete Spectrum sublingual CBD tinctures come fully bio-enhanced, for complete “entourage effect”, with of our proprietary blend of natural hemp derived terpenes including Myrcene, Ocimene and Humulene.

A BioPrime™ nanoparticle is a much smaller version of a particle that has been achieved through a series of complex proprietary processes in which the original particle has been refined down to a mere fraction of it’s original size.

BioPrime™ nanoparticulization has a major effect on how our bodies absorb, break down and process Cannabidiol / CBD. Once the CBD particle has been reduced in size to sub 300 nanometers it takes on some very unique characteristics when compared to its former macro particle version of itself.

BioPrime™ nanoparticle CBD molecules are so small that they have the ability to pass through cellular structures such as the blood brain barrier which under normal circumstances would not be possible.

BioPrime™ nanoparticle CBD also allows for direct absorption into the blood stream making BioPrime™ CBD up to 100X more bioavailable over competing macro particle CBD.

BioPrime™ CBD nanoparticles delivered sublingually bypass the stomach and liver preventing what is referred to as “denaturation”, a process in which the body’s natural chemical breakdown of the CBD destroys up to 90% of the Cannabidiol / CBD before it can be processed. (For example, a 25mg macro particle CBD dose will equate to as little as 2.5mg after denaturation occurs).

This is what makes Liquid Gold stand apart! 

We consider CBD to be the biggest health and wellness story of our generation, and we are proud to be helping millions discover its benefits.

If you have any questions, feel free to call the toll free number or email us, we’d be happy to help 🙂 

đź’–Tamara Boltakke

CEO Liquid Gold CBD

***Helping you live a happier more balanced life one drop at a time

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